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User Insights
  • Export Followers to an Excel spreadsheet
  • Export Following to Excel
  • Browse, sort & search your followers list
  • Download the list of your followers to an Excel spreadsheet
  • With Followers Report, get actionable insights on your followers: Influence, interests...
  • With Followers Map, locate your followers on a world map
  • Browse, sort & search your following list to get insights and clean the list of people you follow
  • Backup the list of the people you are following to an Excel spreadsheet
  • With Following Report, get actionable insights on the people you follow: Influence, interests...
  • With Following Map, locate the people you follow on a world map
  • Sort & export members of any lists to Excel or PDF documents for further analysis and actions
  • Sort & export subscribers of any lists to Excel or PDF
Stats tracking
  • Track your Twitter stats: Twitonomy records your followers, following & tweets counts for you
  • Daily stats tracking starts as soon as your account is upgraded to Premium
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